Defining Moments

Audi Brand General

First, ignore the rulebook. For more than a hundred years we've stared adversity in the face. When they said it can't be any lighter, we defied them. When they said it can't go faster, we proved them wrong. Whenever they said it couldn't be done, we simply did it. This is the undying spirit at our core. This is Truth in Engineering.

To begin, things end


One man didn't accept "no" for an answer.

August Horsch heard it couldn't be done many times while creating Audi. He chose to defy naysayers. From his time to now, that philosophy has proven lighter can be stronger. It redefined lighting technology. Says smaller engines can go faster. It became the way automobiles should be made?until we define the next, better way to do it. This is Truth in Engineering.

Decades of innovation in two years.

The Auto Union Grand Prix cars from 1935 to 1937 were the first winning mid-engine, rear wheel drive vehicles. Working in victorious unison. In short, they were decades ahead of their time. 

Roads bow down. And left and right.

Audi quattro® all-wheel drive does more than handle inclement weather, it's ideal for everyday driving, by distributing power to the wheels that need it most. Audi leads the industry by building this technology into passenger cars.

Heavy thinking on getting lighter. 

Each pound that can be lost, is. Cutting 78 pounds from a vehicle can save up to 324 gallons of gas over 150,000 miles.* It's a loss that improves handling, performance and efficiency.

Reinventing things no one thinks about.

Whoever said lights had to be static will be mesmerized by our revolutionary swarm lighting technology. Organic LEDs with fluid animations and a new aspect of colors are innovations for the future of safety.