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  • Andy Boynton
    General Manager

    Hire Date 3/2/2015 - Andy Boynton is a native Texan, born in Houston. He could identify the make and model of any car on the road before he was 10 years old. Andy attended Texas A&M and while there he began his automotive and management career at Auto Zone. His years at Auto Zone gave him valuable insight about parts and service that serve him well today. Andy has been a Sales Manager/Director for more than 15 years. Andy has two sons and you guessed it-they can also name all of the cars on the road!  In his free time, Andy enjoys spending time with his sons and working on old cars.

  • Julio Alfaro III

    Julio is from Harlingen, Texas and loves working with vehicles. He's been in the automotive world since 2011, and finds the customer service aspect of his duties extremely fulfilling. Julio loves going out to eat, listening to The Police, rooting for the Buffalo Bills, and watching movies-especially the Rocky series. One day, Julio would like to go to Europe to study their history, people, and ways of living.

  • Joanna Alvarez
    Loaner Department

    Joanna is from Alamo, Texas and has worked in the automotive industry for over 10 years. Whenever she's away from work, Joanna likes to spend her time with her family, dancing, watching movies, going to the beach, and going shopping. Joanna enjoys watching movies and would recommend The Illusionist, Time Traveler's Wife, and a Walk to Remember. She could listen to Romeo Santos every day, and the meals that her mom cooks are the best she's ever had, from her posole, tamales, and carne guisada, to mole…. just all of it! YUM! If it was possible, Joanna would wish that she could meet her maternal grandparents. They passed before she was born, and from the stories she's heard about them, she wishes that she could have met them to hear them tell her the stories about their times. Joanna has three loving pets! A cat, Snowball, a husky/labrador mix named Ginger, and chihuahua, Nena.

  • Ana Angel
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 4/6/2015 - Ana is a smart young lady who graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelors in Food Service Management and an Associates in Baking and Pastry Arts. Ana and her furbaby Sami have traveled up and down the East Coast but their hearts are deep in the heart of Texas! You can find Ana by the sparkle in her eyes or pretty much anywhere on her. Ana was proud to announce the arrival of her first born son on July 1st, 2016. She welcomed her sweet baby boy, Andrew Angel.. look out world!

  • Lydia Arredondo
    Administrator/Service Assistant

    Lydia is from McAllen, Texas and she's been a part of the automotive industry since 2019. She loves to rock out to Bon Jovi and catch a bite to eat at Pappadeaux whenever possible. One day, Lydia would like to travel to Europe and see Real Madrid-her favorite soccer team-play a match. At home, Lydia enjoys spending time with her Schnauzer, Figo.

  • Jennifer Bottoms
    Internal Auditor

    Hire Date 6/28/1993 - Jennifer was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but it wasn't long until she moved to the great state of Texas! She moved to the Austin area her freshman year of high school in her glory days where she was an undercover basketball star. She now resides in Pflugerville, Texas with her husband Keith, daughter Briana, son Keanu and her two interesting cats. In her spare time, she likes to cook and spend time with family. She also likes daydreaming about John Travolta, and one day meeting John Bon Jovi. She loves Italian food and hopes to one day travel to Italy. Her favorite aisle at the grocery store is the produce section and she has a love for chili peppers. Her favorite time of year is Autumn. Although Jennifer and her kids attended the same high school, they still think she's the coolest mom ever. Aside from her curly red hair and an unmistakable laugh, she has other great assets that contribute to making CAG the company it is today.

  • Suzette Burrow
    Marketing Director

    Hire Date 1/14/2003 - Suzette grew-up in a once little town near Austin, Texas called Dripping Springs. She started working for the Continental Automotive Group at the age of 17 as a receptionist where she met her husband, Andrew Burrow. From receptionist, she then bounced around CAG, and today she works as the Marketing Director for all of CAG! If you can't get enough of her from the informative videos on the web, then you can often find her at Matt's El Rancho, her favorite Mexican food restaurant.

  • Lisa Bustos
    BDC Manager

    Hire Date 7/24/2017 - Born and raised in San Antonio, Lisa arrived in Austin in May 2017. She has a BA in Organizational Communication and Sociology, and when she's not working, she enjoys being with her three dogs, attending film and music festivals, and spending time with family. Lisa is quite the adrenaline junkie, and someday she plans to run with the bulls in Spain! FUN FACT: Lisa was voted class clown in high school.

  • Jessica Castillo
    Finance Manager

    Jessica is from Hidalgo, Texas. She started in automotive sales in 2019, but had been in sales for over 6 years prior to getting into the automotive industry. She decided to take on this opportunity by being female and getting into a male-dominated environment to show her son that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. When she's not at work, she loves to spend quality time with her son whether they are spending a day by the pool, enjoying family barbecues, taking spontaneous trips to San Antonio, or even just short trips down the road to Starbucks. One day, she would like to take her son to Venice, Italy to experience such a loving city and show her son the world. Jessica loves to listen to Jason Aldean, go out for meals at Buffalo Wild Wings, spend time reading, and also likes to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys. If she could have any Mercedes-Benz, she'd absolutely go for the G 63. FUN FACT: Jessica comes from a family of coaches and teachers. She is pretty athletic and says that it was really fun to show off her basketball skills while seeing the surprised reactions of her co-workers as she was beating them on the courts!

  • Marco Cavazos
    Service Advisor

    Hire Date 8/1/2019 - Marco is from Mission, Texas and currently resides in Pharr. He's been in the automotive world for over 10 years and uses his limitless supply of energy and his friendly conversational drive on a daily basis. When he's not working, Marco loves to spend time with his wife and daughter. As a family, they spent a few weeks in Colorado and his daughter fell in love. They did everything from rafting, hiking, and horseback riding, to shopping and relaxing, and it's a time that they will never forget. Next on their list? Spain, for the culture and food! Marco's favorite Mercedes-Benz is the E 63 Estate, his favorite sports team is the Houston Astros, his favorite movie is The Usual Suspects, and his favorite song is he and his wife's wedding song, "You Won't Ever Be Lonely" by Andy Griggs. If he could have dinner with anyone, he'd choose Gene Wilder, as he'd love to peer into Mr. Wilder's mind and be blown away by the funniest man around.

  • Javi Chavero

    Javi is from Palmview, Texas and has been a technician since 2008. Anytime he's not at work, he's probably out hunting, fishing, taking trips to the beach, BBQing, or staying in to play a little Call of Duty. Pizza is by far his favorite food and Avengers: Endgame is his favorite movie. Javi enjoyed an excellent vacation in Cancun and says that visiting the famous shipwreck at Navagio Beach, Greece is the next travel destination! At home, Javi enjoys being happily greeted by his Doberman, Clover.

  • Debbie Clifton
    Payroll Specialist

    Hire Date 6/29/1992 - Debbie was born and raised in Texas. Debbie has been in the car business since 85′ and is grateful to have been with CAG since 92′. She loves getting to travel around and visit her son, who is a Master Sergeant in the US Airforce. He has been stationed in Germany, Italy, Hawaii, Guam, and Korea, so she has had some great trips while visiting him! Debbie enjoys all of the time she gets to spend with her 5 grandkids and has very happy memories of getting to watch her oldest grandson play baseball and watch him and his teammates grow up together. The one thing she is looking forward to more than anything, even more than her own retirement, is the retirement of her son from the Airforce, so that he can move back home.

  • Briana Davis
    Event Coordinator

    Hire Date 1/31/2020 - Briana is an Austinite and her favorite thing about Austin is the ample availability of so many great kinds of food! When asked about her favorite meal, Briana replied with "PIZZA IS LIFE." A few of Briana's favorite things: trying new restaurants, anything outdoors, and chasing her tiny human (son) around. Briana spent an amazing vacation in the Dominican Republic and at home, Briana has three Huskies: Kimber, Cabela, and Ayva.

  • Alejandro De La Cruz

    Alex is from Edinburg, Texas. He enjoys working on project cars and playing video games like Apex Legends on PS4 to unwind. He is always down to grab a bite to eat from Texas Roadhouse, and his favorite vacation he ever went on was to Bricktown (Oklahoma City, OK).

  • Adrian Diaz
    Sales Consultant

    Adrian is from Mission, Texas and has been a part of the car scene since 2016. His dream car is the Audi A5-which he happily owns! Adrian enjoys playing golf, attending concerts, finding great steak houses, listening to FKJ, watching soccer games, and hanging out with his English bulldog, Bodo, in his free time. He loved vacationing in Cancun, Mexico and he is currently day-dreaming about making a trip to Germany. Wolf of Wall Street is his favorite movie, Drops of Jupiter is his favorite song, and he roots for his favorite soccer team-Real Madrid.

  • Walker Dow
    IT Director • Top Gun 2015

    Hire Date 3/25/2013 - Walker, often referred to as the Golden Child, was born in Austin, but grew up in a town called Boerne, just outside of San Antonio. He moved back to Austin to be close to his cousin. That worked out pretty well for him, as it was his cousin that recommended him for the position due to their mutual love of things with engines. Walker was recently adopted by a needy little kitten that keeps him on his toes. If he could, he'd love to make a trip back to Japan to visit friends. It might be a little easier for him to take a trip to Canada though, as Walker is legally a United States and Canadian citizen.

  • Bobby Elliot
    Shop Foreman

    Bobby is from Edinburg, Texas and has been a part of the car world since 2002. He likes to jam out to all kinds of rock bands, seeks a great steak and potato meal where ever he goes, and loves to get out and go fish. Bobby also roots for the the Dallas Cowboys so you know he's not just a fair-weather fan! He's enjoyed a vacation in Las Vegas and wants to travel across the ocean and experience Europe someday, too. If he could invite anyone to dinner, he would choose his dad. In fact, both of his parents are his heroes because they showed him that hard work always pays off. Bobby truly enjoys helping people and it's that quality, matched with his effort and knowledge, that make him a helpful shop leader. FUN FACT: Bobby's favorite movie is Transporter!

  • Christian Espinoza
    Courtesy Driver

    Christian in from Mission, Texas. He's been in the car world since 2008 and his dream Audi is the RS3. When he's not working, Christian enjoys eating Mexican food, playing COD on PS4, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, listening to 2pac, playing soccer, and hanging out with his bullie-pitbull, Magoo. Christian likes to vacation to Mexico because the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing. Christian has seen The Sandlot more than any other movie. FUN FACT: His mom is his biggest hero.

  • Dom Espinoza

    Dom is a San Juanian, through and through. He's been in the automotive world for as long as he can remember and outside of work, Dom likes to build cars for racing. Also in his free time, Dom enjoys fishings, playing video games, watching his daughter dance and compete in gymnastic competitions, take out-of-the-blue road trips, and play video games like Modern Warfare, Apex, and Forza on both Xbox One and PS4. He once went on a 7-day cruise, which was his first time on a boat, and now he's hooked and can't wait to go on another one. Dom is thankful for his parents and grandparents who were always there to take care of him and motivate him to continually push to be better. At home, Dom also has a Chihuahua named Kendra and he roots for the San Antonio Spurs.

  • Erick Franco
    Sales Manager • Top Gun 2019

    Hire Date 9/19/2016 - Erick decided to get into the car business based on the fact that he wanted to meet people of all different backgrounds, with all different personalities, from all kinds of different cultures - and hey, almost everyone drives, right? He also has a passion for sport bike motorcycles, lake fishing, and enjoys being outdoors as much as he can be. Erick would love to visit Paris someday - hopefully in the near future - as he thinks it would be a very interesting city to visit. At home, Erick likes to watch Tombstone, spend time with his family, cheer for the Cowboys, and hang out with his French bulldog, Sid. You can also find Erick relaxing by the beach, kickin' back just to watch the waves roll in. FUN FACT: Erick's dream car is the Audi R8.

    "I strive to exceed my customer's expectations. By genuinely caring about what they are trying to accomplish, I earn their trust and loyalty."

  • Cassandra Freitag
    Lead Graphic Designer • Top Gun 2018, Top Gun 2019

    Hire Date 5/26/2016 - Cassandra started out as a receptionist for the company but always had one eye on the Marketing department. She has always loved to be creative and enjoyed showcasing her talents in drawing, sketching, and designing.  When given the opportunity, she would volunteer for anything involving Macho Marketing to get her name out there. After two years of working for CAG, a position in the Marketing department opened up. They hired her on as a graphic designer and she has been living the dream ever since! 

  • Samuel Fuentes
    Operations Manager

    Sam is a big fan of Formula 1 racing. His favorite is the Mercedes-AMG® Petronas team with Lewis Hamilton and he'd love to see a race. Sam is also a team player and he always enjoys sharing a laugh with his coworkers.

  • Allyson Gamboa
    Level 1 Tech Support

    Hire Date 5/7/2020 - Allyson is from San Antonio, TX. In Austin, Allyson likes being around many like-minded individuals and how easy it is to be introduced to new things or bond over hobbies. When she's not working on side projects or studying for school, Allyson loves going hiking, paddle boarding, playing Minecraft and Rocket League on her PC, and spending time out with friends to see shows and checking out new fun spots around Austin. Allyson enjoys listening to many genres of music, but her top picks are shoegaze, surf-rock, lo-fi, and 90s hip hop and R&B. Allyson spent some time in Berlin, Germany, and remembers it very fondly, stating "It's a time capsule of art, architecture, culture, and values." She also enjoyed riding the train with her friends for hours just to people watch, while also seeing many beautiful murals and chatting with locals. At home, Allyson sometimes has a cat-sometimes a vicious beast. He loves cuddles, mama's kisses, long walks around the neighborhood and while he goes by many names, he only answers to Archie. FUN FACT: Hearing the sounds coming from the shops at CAG is a delightful reminder of when she was younger and she would hang out with her abuelo while he worked on cars. He always inspired her to be her best and most authentic self, which has guided her so far, and still drives her to be both happy and humble in her career.

  • Christian Garcia
    Sales Consultant

    Christian is originally from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He joined the automotive world in 2013 thanks to a love of being around beautiful cars and to grow as a professional. His top choice of Audi? The RS7-big, powerful car with an amazing look, phenomenal tech, and a luxurious feel. In his leisure time, Christian part-takes in powerlifting, plays some video games, and cooks and eats fantastic foods from all across the world. Korean is hands down his favorite so far, and he would recommend Nak Won Jung to anyone in South Texas. Someday, Christian would like to travel to East Asia to enjoy local foods and to experience the cultures and customs there. While he listens to all kinds of music to fit different times and moods, the song he never tires of is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Christian is also quite the sports fan and has a vast view with his top picks: Steelers (football), Penguins (hockey), Angels (baseball), Guadalajara (soccer-local), and Manchester United (soccer-worldwide). Last but not least, Christian is forever grateful to his father. His father started working as a stock boy/janitor and worked his way up to the top of a company, while never complaining about his work, and simply continued to move along & grow to provide for his family.

  • Ira Garcia
    Service Manager

    Ira is originally from Merecedes, Texas but moved to McAllen, Texas in 2018. He's been around the car world for nearly 10 years, and during that time, he's grown from starting out delivering car parts, to assisting customers as a service advisor, to becoming Service Manager as of 2020. He has a genuine love for machines and how they operate and seeing how it all comes to life from mechanical aspects. Ira likes to spend free time relaxing with his calico cat, Dory and tea cup Chihuahua, Ruby, working on his personal vehicles, building computers, and modifying tech for unique purposes, like fitting a small computer into an Altoids tin to play classic video games! He also spends some free time playing video games like racing games and World of Warcraft on PS4, Xbox One, or his PC. Ira enjoys all kinds of music, but finds himself listening to Deadmau5 most often. In the valley, Ira would highly recommend Mama's Pizzeria-where he believes they have the best Italian lasagna around! Ira would jump at the chance to have dinner with the late Nikola Tesla. Ira full-heartedly believes that Nikola was ahead of his time and loves how he didn't see the future for profit, but instead, for the advancement and betterment of human kind. Ira is also a tinkerer and he finds himself intrigued by they way things work, as well as trying to understand what a designer or inventor was thinking when they created something.

  • Ashley Gilley
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 8/7/2017 - Ashley moved to Austin in 2017 from a small town in Texas called Jasper. She's looking forward to meeting new people and having new experiences. She is a dog lover and she enjoys attending festivals. Her current hobby is learning to play the cello.

  • Dustin "MVP" Giusti
    Level 2 - Senior Helpdesk Technician • Top Gun 2017

    Hire Date 8/29/2016 - Dustin was born in San Antonio and lived in Pflugerville and Boerne growing up. In his spare time, he likes playing challenging or competitive video games and puzzles, and watching TV series online with his friends. He likes to tell people that his favorite movie is Spiderman 3, mainly because of the reaction it gets from his friend and fellow IT person, Walker. His favorite grocery aisle is… not. It's Amazon Prime. One day, he would like to visit Germany and the Netherlands to enjoy the scenery.

  • Ale Gonzalez
    Service Coordinator

    Ale is from Weslaco, Texas and has been in the automotive world since 2017. She day dreams about her future travels and would like to experience a year-round cruise so she could see a little bit of everything! FUN FACT: Ale's favorite food is spaghetti-classic.

  • Sheri Gordon
    HR Manager

    Hire Date 2/14/1989 - Our one-of-a-kind HR gal was born in Arkansas but got to Texas as quick as she could! Sheri has two wonderful daughters, four adorable granddaughters, 2 grand-dogs, and 1 crazy cat, Fred. If she could live anywhere, it would be along a coastline so that she could relax on the beach with her feet in the sand. Sheri offices out of our flagship store and says her dream car is a convertible. With over 700 employees group-wide now, Sheri's a busy girl but never too busy to keep our CAG crew cared for; it's what she does best!

  • Isaac Gorena

    Hire Date 9/23/2020 - Bio Coming Soon!

  • Rebeca C. Guerrero
    Sales Consultant

    Becky is from Brownsville, Texas and started her new adventure in the automotive field in July 2019. Now, from being in the car world, she's sure that her dream car is the Audi A6 Prestige. Away from work, Becky likes to watch movies, attend local events, enjoy delicious tacos, listen to Post Malone, and play basketball! Becky's mom is her hero because not only is she the strongest and most resilient person that she knows, but she also guided Becky to become the person that she is today. I Believe by Pitbull is her favorite song because it's so good and she is ready for everyone to come together to strive for greatness! One of the best places she's been to so far, was Zacatecas, Mexico, and she'd like to go to Colombia in the future. FUN FACT: Becky's favorite movie is Remember the Titans!

  • Hunter Guinn
    Level 1 Tech Support

    Hire Date 5/18/2020 - Hunter is an Austinite whose favorite thing about the city is the nature. He loves that he can be around the business of the city while still being very close to nature and that he literally gets to see it every day. Hunter's dad's side of the family is and has been very involved in the automotive industry, dating back to his great grandfather, and now, Hunter's getting in on the industry himself. When he's not working, Hunter likes self-proclaimed "nerd stuff" like playing video games, tabletop games, and fantasy and sci-fi genres. He also likes to spend time with his dog, Jack and going swimming in the summertime. Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing and the Original Robin of the Batman series) is his hero-equipped with some qualities that Hunter really admires, especially the way he continually managed to stay optimistic and happy about life despite all the bad things that have happened to him along the way. Lupe Fiasco is Hunter's favorite artist to listen to, with "Mural" being his favorite song. Hunter also roots for the Houston Rockets. FUN FACT: Hunter grew up swimming competitively and also coached from 16 to 22 years old.

  • Phillip Guzman

    Hire Date 12/5/2019 - Phillip is from San Antonio, though he grew up in southern Bavaria, Germany. He has a strong passion for creating great videos and photos. In his free time, Phillip likes to write, enjoy good food and music, and spend time with his wife and both of their families. Phillip is always down for a meal with flavor, especially of Italian, Greek, and Mexican dishes. A few top picks for Phillip? His favorite song is Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys, he roots for the San Antonio Spurs, and he's a big fan of the movie Miller's Crossing by the Coen Brothers. In fact, if Phillip could invite anyone to dinner, he'd choose the Coen Brothers! In the film world, Phillip is also an admirer of John Cassavetes for the way he chose to invest his own money-made from acting-to create his own really unique independent films. FUN FACT: Phillip and his wife also have three wonderful dogs, Oliver, Arlo, and Hamilton!

  • Cindy Hach
    Fixed Ops Director

    Hire Date 3/1/2013 - Cindy grew up in Corpus Christi, studied at Del Mar College, joined the US Navy, then ventured into the skies to be a flight attendant. She lives with her husband Jeff, their awesome daughter Alexis and some high energy Weimaraners! To unwind, Cindy enjoys running, swimming, hosting any kind of a party, and wishes to play tennis more than time currently permits.

  • Joy Hardeman
    Twin Sister - Visionary

    Hire Date 2/17/1984 - Left. When she is not making gray skies blue, Joy enjoys enjoying herself. She is a talented dog-whisperer, an avid cyclist, and a sought-after companion. She is chatty too and enjoys a good crossword puzzle or a late evening walk on the Lions Municipal Golf Course with her two puppies, Ellie and Charlie. As one half of the team that joined the Continental Automotive Group on February 17, 1984, Joy has quite a few years of automotive industry know-how.

  • William B. Hardeman
    Brother - Managing Partner

    Hire Date 7/18/1981 - William B. is an Austin recreationalist: an avid cyclist, triathlete, competitive skier, and outdoorsman who enjoys all the air, land, and water that Austin has to offer. These activities have made William B. more in tune with local environmental issues, and in his construction and development focus at the Continental Automotive Group, William B. brings with him a strong commitment to preserving Austin's natural beauty. William B. grew up in west Austin and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Omar Hernandez
    Parts Specialist

    Omar is from McAllen, Texas, and has been in the automotive world since 2015. He's an outdoors kind of guy and his pastimes include fishing, watching sports, hunting, kicking back with a cold one, taking his wife to dinner, and spending time with his family. Omar loves to spend time around his family and friends-and if possible, he'd love to go to Hawaii and experience pure joy with them. His heroes in life are his parents, and everything he does or has is all thanks to them. Omar could play Sin Bandera's Entra En Mi Vida on his speakers every day, and he'll never tire of the movie La Bamba. Omar is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and he hopes he'll see the Dallas Cowboys win a game this season! FUN FACT: Omar has an English bulldog named Dozer!

  • Inez Hicks
    HR Specialist

    Hire Date 7/8/2020 - Inez is a local Austinite. She loves outdoor activities like hiking, paddle boarding, hammocking, and exploring the city-always in search of the next best Chinese restaurant! Being from Austin, she loves that there are so many things to do within the city, but also that when you drive even just 10 minutes outside the city, there are tons of nature activity options. It's the perfect balance of city life and nature! When it comes to travel, Inez enjoys Mexico thanks to the nice people, cheap food, and beautiful beaches. Around the corner in 2021, Inez and her fiance are planning to honeymoon in Europe to explore and enjoy the scenery. Inez once sold everything she owned and moved to Sydney, Australia with her best friend. They lived in Australia for a year and Inez claims that it was one of the best years of her life, and she would definitely go back to that beautiful country. FUN FACT: Inez's favorite movie is King Kong! She has always had an affinity for movies with strange creatures in them.

  • Kegan Hickson
    Level 3 - Systems Administrator • Top Gun 2016

    Hire Date 7/27/2015 - The name Kegan is of Celtic origin, meaning small and fiery. Props to Mom on that one; she nailed it. Kegan spent his childhood destroying other children in Taekwondo, rebelling against his parents in an angsty teenage skater phase, and somehow simultaneously as an avid member of the stereotypical 'nerd' groups, such as Robotic Design, NHS, and Band Leadership. Over the years, he has taught himself the trumpet and guitar. "There is something to be heard in the spaces between spaces…" he said when asked about his love for music. "It's the reason that music can seem reminiscent in nature to someone, even if they've never heard it before."

  • Genny Hill

    Hire Date 2/17/1984 - Genny was born and raised in Austin, and after earning her degree in Finance and Spanish at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, she returned to Austin to work in investment banking. After two years, she decided to join the family business and has split her time between several of our dealerships. Genny enjoys spending time with her teddy bear of a husband, little James, sweet baby Margot, and their three dogs. You might recognize her, she's the girl jogging around the neighborhood, pushing a stroller with one hand and holding two dogs with the other. Her favorite things in life are James and Margot, who come to the dealership with her almost every day and love to smile at everyone that stops by their office to say hi.

  • Bryan Hoskins
    Sales Consultant

    Bryan is originally from Brownsville and now lives in Pharr, though he wouldn't mind becoming a resident of McAllen next! After having been a retail store manager for many years in San Antonio, Bryan was ready to move back to the Rio Grande Valley and give the automotive world a shot in 2008. Away from work, Bryan enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Kristina. Together, they like to shop, eat, and find restaurants with amazing tasting food and some MEAN cocktails! Around the area, he'd recommend grabbing a bite to eat at Republic of Rio Grande, PF Changs, Kumori, Black Beard's, and so many more-just ask him! One day, Bryan would like to take Kristina out to go explore Spain, France, and Italy to traverse the country and experience the old cultures. Bryan would also really like to say thank you his mom and dad for being his heroes in life and for still calling him every other day, just to check in and see how his day went. Overall, Bryan is a genuinely happy person trying to enjoy life and be ready for what comes his way. He's a fun-loving, beach-going, playful person who strives to make sure that others have a great time around him. FUN FACT: Bryan's favorite song is Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, because the doctor was playing it while his son was being born into the world.

  • Kumary Keil
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 7/2/2015 - Kumary was born in Miami, Florida, moved to Austin when she was 8, and was raised in Guatemala. She can speak both English and Spanish, which she says is very useful. She enjoys anything outdoors. Her favorite movie is The Dark Knight and her favorite food is pizza. Yellowstone has been her favorite place that she's visited so far, and she says it had beautiful scenery and she loved the weather.

  • Rebecca Kish
    Social Media Specialist • Top Gun 2016

    Hire Date 7/25/2016 - Rebecca was born in Houston, TX and raised in Bloomington, IN. Go Hoosiers! She graduated from the University of Evansville with her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management in 2014. She made it back to Texas that year and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. As a result of growing up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball, Rebecca is naturally competitive and driven in the workplace. She adds an additional enthusiasm to the Macho Marketing team and is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about social media practices. Rebecca is also the provider of endless belly rubs to her brother-and-sister family adopted dogs, Kenny and Chesney.

  • Demetrio Lopez
    Inventory Specialist

    Demetrio is from Edinburg, Texas. His dad taught him about cars growing up, so in 2004, Demetrio decided to get into the industry officially. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time playing with his kids, going dancing with his wife, working on his truck, watching movies, and cooking for his family. He also likes old school video games like NES and SNES. One day, Demetrio would like to visit all kinds of historical places in Spain. He also feels very inspired by Cesar Chavez for all of his labor and effort spent helping those who needed it most. Demetrio also has one cat named Vedis.

  • Ruben Lopez
    Sales Consultant

    Ruben is from McAllen, Texas. He's been in the automotive industry since 2001, and originally, he sold cars on his own. When he's not busy working, Ruben likes to spend time with family, watch movies, enjoy a salmon or ribeye dish from Pappadeaux, root for the Dallas Cowboys, and rock out to some good ol' AC/DC. Ruben and his girlfriend adopted their dog Kamea from a shelter, and also have two cats, Hapi & Miu Miu. He loved visiting NYC and has bigger plans to someday see as much of Europe as possible! Ruben holds a special place in his heart for true heroes-anyone who helps someone succeed, gives a voice to the people, and who never let injustices fo unnoticed. FUN FACT: Ruben loves Cirque du Soliel live performances.

  • Clayton Main
    Data Scientist • Top Gun 2018

    Hire Date 8/21/2017 - Clayton was born and raised in the San Antonio area and moved to Austin in February 2016. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games on his PS4 and sometimes his PC. He's really looking forward to Destiny 2! Clayton used to spend a fair amount of time bouldering (indoor rock climbing) at places like Austin Bouldering Project and Crux Climbing Center. His top goal on his bucket list is to go to space, but not as an astronaut, and have "crazy amounts of money" is a close second.  You could say that they go hand-in-hand. FUN FACT: Clayton can type out the first 101 numbers of Pi - from memory!

  • Mario Maldonado
    Make Ready

    Mario is from Mission, TX and he's been working in the automotive field since 2005. Simply put, he loves working with cars! When he's not working, Mario likes to spend time with his family and grab a bite to eat from his favorite place, Pescadería. His last vacation was to Sea World, but he'd like to go up to San Antonio for his next one to see some of the beautiful places there. Mario doesn't like to limit his music taste, so he enjoys switching it up and listening to all kinds of genres.

  • Juan C. Moreno
    Sales Consultant

    JC is from Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Having loved Audi since he was a kid, JC decided to give up a career in banking in 2017 to pursue an adventure in Audi sales. When he's not working, JC enjoys cooking, watching soccer, dreaming of owning his own R8, playing games like FIFA and COD on his PS4, and listening to Cold Play. He could eat lentils and tacos more often than anything else, and wishes that he could share one more meal with his late godfather, Gerardo. JC is grateful to have his mom and dad in his life and is appreciative of how they have always done the best for him, his sister, and now also for his own kids. Someday, JC plans to travel to Alaska to know that unique landscape and experience true cold weather. FUN FACT: JC sees a salt water aquarium in his future!

  • Javier Munoz

    Javier was born and raised in Zacatecas, Mexico and currently resides in McAllen, Texas. He enjoys working with cars and first joined the automotive world in 2013. When he's not working, Javier loves to practice sports, but his heart lies with playing soccer the most. While his favorite song is Hotel California by the Eagles, Javier listens all types of music including English/Spanish rock bands, Nórteño Banda, and Mariachi. Javier hopes to vacation in Miami in the near future to explore the beautiful beaches. A dedicated family man, Javier states that his spouse and the rest of his family are truly the engine that drives him through his everyday life. He adores getting to socialize with them and his close friends, plus, he likes to meet new people, too!

  • Stephanie Nilsen
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 2/10/2020 - Stephanie is from Waukesha, Wisconsin-needless to say, she's a huge fan of the warmer Texas weather! Stephanie loves to work with people, solve problems, and see happy clients, so CAG seemed like the perfect place to be for all of that. While she's never been out of the US (yet), she absolutely loves to visit New York and take in the incredible theatre shows there. When she's not at work, Stephanie enjoys cooking & baking, and exploring the Austin area, and beyond! FUN FACT: Stephanie previously worked at Walt Disney World as a Jungle Cruise Skipper.

  • Jackie Orewiler
    HR Specialist • Top Gun 2017

    Hire Date 7/4/2016 - Jackie was born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois. She has a chihuahua mix and golden retriever puppy that take up most of her time on the weekends. In her free time, Jackie enjoys sudoku, hiking, watching movies, and anything to do with dogs!

  • Clay Pryor
    Level 2 - Senior Helpdesk Technician

    Hire Date 10/12/2015 - Clayton got his first job when he was 16, working in his grandfather's sawmill. Not exactly the most common start for someone who wood later move into IT, but we at CAG are thrilled to our roots that he decided to branch out and leaf that life behind him. After logging countless hours on his personal machine, Clayton moved into the IT field. He started with just a few relatives but quickly became the go-to computer guy for his entire family tree. Even his old-fashioned grandfather saw the need for someone with his command of the information logging road we call "The Internet," and gave him the okay to follow his passion! Clayton is a model IT technician. When we put him on a project, he never stops forest until he's finished and is rarely completely stumped.

  • Shelby Rae
    Photographer Extraordinaire • Top Gun 2014, Top Gun 2016

    Hire Date 7/23/2013 - Shelby likes cars, cameras, and chameleons.

  • Rick Ramirez
    Service Advisor

    Rick is an energetic guy who's fascination for mechanics led him to Audi in 2012. The pure excitement of being around such beautiful cars is what fills his cup with inspiration, daily. When he's not working, you may find that Rick is often out biking or swimming to off-set the meals he enjoys from his favorite restaurant: Chick-fil-A! Rick visited St. Petersburg, Russia and had a wonderful experience there. Next on the list? Rick would love to travel to Israel, mainly based on the amount of history that's unfolded there. FUN FACT: Rick's favorite movie is Stepbrothers!

  • Sunny Rathore
    General Sales Manager

    Hire Date 4/8/2016 - Sunny was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to Austin after Hurricane Katrina. He loves the lakes in Austin and his spare time, he likes hanging out with his son, Everest. He also enjoys basketball, and the Spurs are his favorite team. The New Orleans Saints, of course, are his favorite football team.

    "My idea of a great customer experience means utilizing the "Platinum Rule." It means treating our clients how THEY want to be treated."

  • Ruben Reyes
    Sales Manager

    Ruben brings a family-style aspect to Audi San Juan. He enjoys making everyone feel at home when they're around and is incredibly cheerful. Ruben's three children and his wife are the most important blessings in his life and he's thankful for them every day. He loves spending time with them renting cabins in Arroyo City as often as possible. When he's not working or spending time with his family, Ruben enjoys golfing and fishing. (ALL kinds of fishing!)

  • Madeline Rials
    HR Specialist

    Hire Date 12/17/2018 - Madeline was born and raised in Austin. In her free time, she likes to read, swim, watch movies, and spend time with her two dogs, Louis the Shih Tzu and Poodle mix, and Kate the Shih Tzu mutt! She's proud to be part of the graduating class of 2019 from A&M, gaining her degree in Human Resources Development. One day, she would love to get out and visit Greece, because it's a beautiful place, with beautiful food!

  • Octavio Rivas
    Finance Manager

    Octavio was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Mexico City. He decided to join the team at Audi in 2014 because of his passion for the brand and also the performance history that is part of these vehicles-plus, he loves to hear the stories from his customers who also love driving Audis. Fitting enough, his dream car is the Audi RS7, a true beast on the roads! When he's not working, Octavio has fun swimming, biking, walking, and talking with his kids and his wife. There's never enough quality time with them! Octavio grew up during the "Rock of Espanol" era so some of his favorites are Caifanes, Soda Estereo, Los Toreros Muertos, Los Amantes de Lola, Fobia, and so many more! In the future, Octavio would enjoy getting to visit Italy-specifically the little town where his mother was born. Octavio was lucky to learn many good habits from his father, and he wishes that he could see him just once more so that he could meet his grandchildren. Octavio lives by a simple principle: smile and be happy! Life can sometimes turn down the wrong direction, but the only way people will be pleased to remember you, is if you always have a big smile on your face. 

  • Ronnie Rivera

    Ronnie is from Brazil and he's been a part of the automotive world since 2018.  He hopes to be able to go back to Brazil and visit, as it's the only place he is able to speak Portuguese, which is something that he genuinely loves to do. In his free time, Ronnie produces music, reads, spins poi, and loves on his three pets; cats, Mimosa and Zady, and his dog, Spike. His mom is the reason that he is who he is today and she is the most special person in the world to him. FUN FACT: Ronnie is an extremely deep thinker and loves to think about religious topics.

  • Jackie Romero
    HR Specialist • Top Gun 2011, Top Gun 2016

    Hire Date 06/01/2010 - Jackie was born in California where she soon ended her west coast fun to be in Texas. She has a dog named Bandit that she likes to take on walks. She enjoys the produce section at the grocery store and going to local pubs and farmers markets! If she won the lottery she would give Sheri money and pay off all of her expenses. She hates doing laundry but enjoys beef fajitas and her step dad's home cooking. She aspires to one day visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame in North Carolina. With Jackie's good looks, she often gets mistaken for Popeye's girlfriend, Olive Oyl. She found her place at CAG by the fabulous Craigslist and has gone uphill from there! She enjoys football, hanging with friends and is a HUGE NASCAR FAN! Quote by Jackie: "Joy is contagious. Hang around joyful people and there's every chance you'll catch it."

  • Maria Salazar
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 2/22/2019 - Maria is originally from Austin, but spent some years in Louisiana before heading back here to The Lone Star State. Maria has a little Shih Tzu named Beethoven who's got a BIG personality! Outside of work, Maria is a very active person who enjoys keeping her body moving throughout all kinds of outdoor activities. On top of outdoor activities, you can find her weight training six days out of the week! She also spends her free time volunteering at the Texas Children's Hospital for the Ronald McDonald Foundation and has been helping there for over seven years now. Maria is all about lending a helping hand and being part of support systems as often as she can.

  • Dalila Sandoval
    Warranty Clerk

    Dalila is from Weslaco, TX and first joined the automotive industry back in '97. She originally started out as a cashier & filling clerk and even though she spent some time away, the automotive world just called out to her-so here she is! Enjoying life while continuing to assist the Service Department, loving the work she does. When she's not at work, Dalila enjoys spending time with her two boys at the beach, going to the movies, and doing a little country dancing on the weekends. Her favorite restaurant is Hyashi Sushi & Grill, where you can't go wrong with the lobster tail and shrimp (or the cucumber martinis)! If she could invite anyone to dinner, Dalila would have chosen her mother. Since her mom has passed away, Dalila misses their conversations, shared laughs, and mani/pedi adventures. At home, Dalila has two female miniature schnauzers: Misty and May, who love their noisy toys and running across the backyard.

  • Luis Segovia

    Luis is from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He's proud of the fact that he was Marine and he keeps up with himself by going running as often as possible. At home, Luis enjoys spending his leisure time playing video games on his PS4 and hanging out with his three dogs: Bella the boxer, Daisy the American bulldog, and Akela the dogo Argentino.

  • Timothy Shook
    Chief Operating Officer

    Hire Date 5/15/2004 - 
    • #gladtobehere - John Foley
    • You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. - Zig Ziglar
    • Rubber bands are useful only when they are stretched. - John Maxwell
    • It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. - Steve Jobs  

  • Kori Lane Smith
    Sales Coordinator • Top Gun 2019

    Hire Date 7/19/2017 - Kori was born in Daphne, Alabama, but spent the majority of her life growing up in Destin, Florida. Despite growing up mostly in FL, she's an Alabama football fan, and always will be! RTR! Kori graduated from Collegiate High School in 2013 with an AA Degree. A few years later in May 2016, she packed up and moved to Austin in hope of better opportunities and a fresh start. Kori's major in college is Marine Biology thanks to her complete love of anything and everything in relation to the ocean. Kori's world here in Austin is made up of her sweet husky puppy Kairi, and her two cats, Kleo and Jedi.

  • Dylan Talbert
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 3/11/2020 - Dylan is a local Austinite. When he's not working, he likes grabbing a bite to eat from Maggianos, hanging out with his German Shepherd/Husky mix Diesel, and hitting Lake Austin to take out the boat and relax. One day, Dylan would like to go to Thailand as that's where his Grandma is from-plus, the beaches look stunning!

  • Juan Tanguma
    Parts Specialist

    Juan is from Mission, Texas and has worked in the automotive field since 2012. When he's away from work, Juan can be found listening to all kinds of music and BBQing, hanging out with his family and friends, playing some Playstation games with his girls, and poppin' the top of a cold one to beat the Texas heat. His favorite meal is soy chicken, lovingly made by his wonderful wife. Juan is a fan of driving and he jumps at the chance to visit his family in Oklahoma as often as possible. One day, he'd love to drive the roads all across America to see as much of the country as possible. Juan's father passed away when he was young and he watched as his strong mom did everything to raise 3 boys, even after working full days. Having lost his father so early though, Juan would choose to share a meal with his dad just to be able to talk with him again. Juan also finds the time to enjoy sports and roots for the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and the Houston Astros. FUN FACT: Juan's favorite movie is a comedy classic-Grandma's Boy!

  • Noelia Torres
    Internal Auditor

    Hire Date 5/16/2000 - Noelia is a Virgo, so she doesn't lie and she doesn't embellish. A consummate accountant, she is from Robstown, Texas, graduated from Texas State. She works out regularly and describes her style as straightforward. She takes the TV show Ghost Whisperer quite seriously and is overcoming an unfounded fear of non-physical spirits.

  • Emily Upton
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 4/2/2015 - Emily was born and raised in Austin only briefly living in Waco while attending Baylor University. She loves animals of all species owning multiple cats, a Lab named Tippy, a Uromastyx named Remus and a 75 gallon fish tank. In her free time, Emily loves to curl up with a good book, play video games and spending time with her family.

  • Veronika Valdez
    Parts Specialist

    Hire Date 4/28/2020 - Veronika was born in Mexico and raised in Pharr, Texas. At home, Veronika enjoys spending time watching movies and having cookouts with her three kids. In her leisure time, Veronika loves cooking and fishing. In the future, Veronika would love to buy an RV and see the country. FUN FACT: Veronika has FIVE cats! And one is blind, too!

  • Renee Velasco
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 5/15/2017 - Renee moved to Round Rock from El Paso in 2010, and her favorite part about living in the area is all the friendly people. She has one dog-a husky named Nanook-and one cat-Shania. Reading, drawing, and listening to music are her favorite things to do in her free time, preferably with a cup of coffee in hand.

  • Frank Villarreal
    Service Advisor

    Frank is from Mission, Texas and has been involved in the car scene since 2001-the man just likes cars! When he's not working, Frank enjoys spending time with family at home, biking, grabbing a bite to eat from Santa Fe Steak House with his wife, fishing and playing a little Xbox with his sons, rooting for the 49ers, and hanging out with his dog, Kobe. He could listen to George Strait everyday and his favorite song is The Cowboy Rides Away. Frank's favorite movie is Christmas Vacation and he's inspired most by Superman and how his powers are incredible-plus, he always wins. 

  • Jesse Villarreal, Jr.
    Level 1 Tech Support • Top Gun 2019

    Hire Date 7/3/2019 - Jesse is from Palmview, Texas and he gets a kick out of fixing computers, phones, and tablets in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music like Nickelback or Mariya Takeuchi, playing video games like Apex Legends on his Xbox One, biking and weight training, playing board games, and cheering for Monterrey's soccer team. His favorite movie is definitely Interstellar, simply because Murph let him go. If he could, Jesse would eat the tacos and baked potatoes from Taco Rico every day. One day, Jesse plans to travel to Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines for some true Asian cuisine and culture!

  • Ben Vinger
    Sales Coordinator

    Hire Date 1/14/2019 - Ben grew up wake surfing and snowboarding in Reno, NV, and headed to Austin in April 2017 for more job opportunities and a better economy. He's always been a car guy and is fond of all kinds of racing, the F1 and performance car world, and keeping up with cars in general. Ben's also quite the adrenaline junkie and one day, he'd like to give wingsuit base jumping a shot. Apart from his work with CAG, Ben is also a videographer-and a foodie-and his youtube channel (@sirbenv) combines both of those facts! He draws a lot of inspiration from Bach, Bobby Flay, Bowie, and Warhol.