Repair & Routine Maintenance Guide

For assistance with recalls or any general inquiries, please contact

Scheduling Service for Your Audi in San Juan, Texas

At Audi San Juan in San Juan, TX, we want to take the stress out of vehicle maintenance. We know that you have a very busy life. To ensure that your vehicle is being taken care of properly, we want you to trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to perform all kinds of repairs and routine service. When it comes to service, we want to make sure you don't put off contacting us. Something might be very simple for us to fix right now. If you wait until your vehicle isn't drivable anymore, you could be faced with very expensive repairs. We may not even be able to address the problems fully.

If you would like to set an appointment for a recall, please simply send an email to We ask that you not set your own appointment as parts and scheduling restrictions are present at this time.